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Welcome to When it Rains, it Pours. This is a Cloud Strife character study site. It features the comparison of Final Fantasy VII's leading man versus the Epic Hero Monomyth. This study is meant to dive into Cloud's character as a protagonist and analyze his journey and those around him. This site does not prove that Cloud is or is not an epic hero. It merely relates his journey based on a formula proposed by Joseph Campbell.

I would also like it to be noted that the monomyth only applies to Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children on this site. I am excluding Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus because Cloud is not the main focus.

Site is text intensive.


This site is dedicated to Cherri who mentioned there were absolutely no Cloud Sites when she went searching for them. This site is also for Mikari, because even though we pick on the little Kiwi, we love him.

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