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What is When it Rains, it Pours about?
When it Rains, it Pours covers the Hero's Journey, also called the monomyth. It details the call, trials, and rewards that every epic hero must face. Not every hero follows the monomyth to its exactness. When it Rains, it Pours specifically features Cloud Strife of Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII based on what steps he follows in the monomyth, the archetypes the characters around his fit into, and his heroic traits. This site in no way proves that Cloud is an epic hero. It is merely a character study based on the steps he has taken in his journey between the original game and the movie sequel.
Why When it Rains, it Pours?
One on hand, his name is Cloud. I associate clouds and Rain together. In another sense, when bad things happen they happen in a pouring fashion. It means it just pours down and floods. In Cloud's case, when something goes wrong it spirals out of control. So, for Cloud, when it rains it pours.
What is the Monomyth?
The monomyth is a set of story standards that feature several steps of a hero's journey. Usually it is done to portray a hero's epic qualities and traits. I use a document based on a discussion post from an English class that was written by the instructor at the time. References are included in the site section. In fact, much of the information pertaining to the games that is not obvious speculation is paraphrased or summarized.
Is Cloud an Epic Hero?
It is not my goal to say that one way or another. I am merely following the monomyth canon and seeing where he stacks up. Most epic heroes meet most (not always all) the parts, traits, and archetypes around them. It would be very difficult and very rigid for writers if all heroes were cut from the very same cloth. It is not uncommon for them to be missing one or more trait or piece of the journey. It is also true that one could probably recognize any one of the series or traits in other heroes. So, it is safe to say that while most heroes follow the basics of the monomyth there are some small differences here or there.